SLOC Waste Collection

The SLOC Waste Collection Portal is a web-based application that enables dynamic route planning based on the fill level information of the SLOC-Waste Bin.

SLOC Tracker

The SLOC tracker can be mounted on a wide variety of assets and determines position, temperature, shocks and movement patterns.

SLOC Waste Bin

The intelligent waste bin - it provides a variety of information (filling level, lid position and openings, fire warning, etc.) and thus helps to optimize emptying intervals.

SLOC Skip & Container

The SLOC Skip & Container monitors and locates large containers such as skips or containers and can detect and alarm a possible theft by analyzing movement patterns.

SLOC Productivity

The compact SLOC Productivity is quickly installed on the vehicle and provides a variety of relevant information (load status, movement profile, etc.) in real time for the productivity analysis of your vehicle fleet and optimization of your logistics processes.

SLOC Load Carrier

The intelligent container / load carrier - it provides a variety of information (fill level, current position, temperature, etc.) and thus supports the optimization of the logistics process.

Smart-Waste Product Suite

Logistik Product Suite