SLOC Skip & Container

Works with

Easy Integration

  • Quick mounting with universal brackets
  • Mass configuration (remote) with the SLOC Device Management
  • Easy integration into your systems

Optimized for industrial use

  • Resists extreme circumstances
  • Dust-tight and jet water protected (IP67)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long battery lifetime

Your Advantage

  • Compact sensor
  • Wide range of technologies for localization
  • Individual communication technologies
  • All fractions
  • Can be used for all containers

Information for your skips or containers

Current Position

(incl. Geofencing)

Movement patterns

Standstill / Moved

Examples of use

The SLOC Skip & Container can be used with the following containers



Industry bin

Storage container

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The SLOC Waste Collection Portal is a web-based application that enables dynamic route planning based on the fill level information of the SLOC-Waste Bin.


SLOC Waste Bin

The intelligent waste bin - it provides a variety of information (filling level, lid position and openings, fire warning, etc.) and thus helps to optimize emptying intervals.