SLOC Waste Collection

Works with

Simple administration

  • All-in-one system
  • Simple 24/7 management of vehicles, partners and containers/collection points
  • Analysis options through dashboards

Your advantages

  • Full transparency on fill levels, level development, critical collection islands
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Route optimized navigation system for the driver
  • Emptying according to requirements

Your benefits

  • Avoidance of inefficient (empty) truck journeys
  • CO2, noise and congestion reduction
  • Avoidance of overfilled containers (clean collection islands)
  • Higher customer satisfaction



Functions of the SLOC Waste Collection Portal

Mobile Order Management

transfers the generated tour to the Android-based tablet in the truck so that the tour can be followed and the driver is guided directly to the collection island via truck navigation.

Dynamic route planning

Dynamic tours are created according to the current fill level data, taking into account forecast models


Overview of container warnings

Key figures

Management of collection region

Restrictions, trafficability

Vehicle management

Collection vehicles per waste collection partner and their configuration (e.g. payload, operating times)

Container evaluation

Detailed management, information and filter options for the smart containers

Examples of use

Examples of tours that can be managed with the SLOC Waste Collection Portal

Domestic waste

Waste glas

Industry waste

Old clothes

Skip & Containers

Your benefits

  • Simple and clear administration portal
  • Visualization of the container locations
  • Transparent fill level developments per collection island
  • Data is entered directly into the portal – no double entry
  • Emptying according to demand due to dynamic route planning
  • Efficient coordination of collection partners
  • Information directly from the system to avoid many interfaces
  • Overview of entire region/area
  • Transfer of tour data via Mobile Order Management into the truck and navigation to the located collection islands
  • Historical data concerning discharges per collection island, etc. can be viewed in the portal

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