SLOC Waste Bin 200 (SWB-200)

Documentation and Manual



Steps for start-up:

1. Open the document “SLOC SWB-200 Inbetriebnahme“.

2. Download the app “SLOC Device Management – APP”  via this link to your PC or directly to the Android device.

3. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this document.


SLOC SWB-200 Inbetriebnahme (Download)

Instructions for the start-up of the SLOC SWB – incl. registration, configuration, installation and evaluation of the data.

SLOC Device Management – APP (Download)

Download to install the SDM app on an Android device.

SLOC Device Management – PORTAL (Link)

Link to SLOC Device Management Portal.

SLOC Waste Collection – PORTAL (Link)

Clear visualization of sensor data and possibility of dynamic route planning.


More helpful documents for the SLOC Waste Bin:


REST-API Dokumentation (Download)

Interface documentation for retrieving data from a SLOC device

SLOC Software Handbuch (Download)

Detailed description of all SLOC Device Management (Portal & App) functions

Datenblatt_SWB-200_D (Download)

Technical specifications of the device

Aktuelle Behältertypenliste / Behälterprofile (Link)

List of already existing bins / containers and their profiles