Our history


Foundation of SLOC in Graz by Alec Essati
Basic idea: Intelligent container


Development of an innovative basic technology that enables simple adaptation to other use cases (e.g. asset tracking)


Successful projects in the field of smart waste
> 5,000 SLOCs


Market development in the umbrella region
Successful implementation of reference projects in waste management, logistics and industry


> 30.000 SLOCs


Internationalization in EU & USA
> 50,000 SLOCs

Since our formation we have already been able to reach important milestones:
  • Sucessful implementation of reference projects in waste management, logistics and industry
  • Establishment of partnerships with international system integrators
  • Various awars, e.g. one of the Top 20 Technology start-ups in Europe (DeepTech4Good/Silicon Alps)
  • Construction of a scalable production line

Our team

Our team consists of an exciting mix of young digital natives and experienced IoT enthusiasts. We are supported in the development of our products by students and renowned experts, who make a valuable contribution to our claim of technological leadership.

Our philosophy

Customer focus

We live partnership!

SLOC is not just another data supplier! In the course of our agile development and support, we always make sure that our customers and their requirements are the focus of our activities. Our product owners take this into account when creating their user stories. Ongoing feedback, which we also proactively seek from our partners and customers, helps us to question ourselves daily and to continuously improve. Customers who work with us receive simple plug&play products to optimize their business with the collected information and to develop new business and service models.

Product & Technology

Technology is our DNA!

SLOC is a product and technology company at heart. Over 60% of our team and many of our partners are involved in the further development of our product portfolio. We focus first of all on understanding the technical and commercial requirements of our customers in detail and selecting the best technology for them. Ultimately, the goal is always to create user-friendly products that provide the necessary information - and to relegate technology to the background as a means to an end.

Value & Quality

Our products are economical!

We always try to find the best mix of quality and cost to offer our customers products that are worth their price. But this also means that there can be cheaper solutions. However, we are convinced that we can offer the best price/performance ratio, taking into account the actual total costs, while at the same time ensuring investment security.

What our customers and partners say about us
"At Saubermacher we have tested a large number of level sensors for waste bins and could not find a technologically and commercially suitable solution that met all our requirements. With SLOC we have now finally found the right partner who has fully met the needs of the waste management industry. Therefore, the SLOC Waste Bin is currently the best smart device on the market."
"SLOC is a pioneer in the use of NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT), a transmission technology which is one of the most promising innovations in the field of Internet of Things communication. We want to support our customers in the digitalization process and offer integrative overall solutions. The smart devices from SLOC are a key component in this process".
"With the young Graz-based company, we have found the perfect partner for jointly implementing a wide variety of Industrial IoT Use-Cases in different industries. With the smart devices from SLOC we can meet the high demands of our customers in the area of hardware and firmware and also quickly test and roll out completely new applications in a practical way."

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