Your benefit: The optimal utilization of your warehouse

With the use of SLOC Devices for digital logistics, safety in the warehouse is increased, processes become more transparent, the forklift fleet is optimally utilized and extensive data analyses can be carried out per vehicle. You also increase efficiency and minimize costs, detect damage and can monitor your cold chains.

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Smart solutions for every problem!

We offer two different solutions for intelligent tracking in logistics: Container tracking and forklift tracking. We support you in optimizing your processes and increasing security in the warehouse. Discover our SLOC Smart Devices and choose between the two solutions!

Industry solution in logistics

Forklift Tracking

With the digital forklift from SLOC you can increase the productivity of your forklift fleet and thereby optimize your processes.

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Industry solution in logistics

Container Tracking

With SLOC's asset monitoring, you can track containers and other assets without much effort and thus optimize your processes.

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SLOC Products

Intelligent tracking made easy

SLOC Tracker

The SLOC Tracker can measure values of the container such as motion logic, temperature, outdoor and indoor location (via GNSS/GPS, radio cell location, WiFi and BLE), geofencing (incl. warning function) as well as shocks.

SLOC Load Carrier

The SLOC Load Carrier provides information on location (via GNSS/GPS, radio cell location, BLE), temperature, humidity (incl. limit ranges), light intensity (lux), lid opening and position, and shocks.

SLOC Productivity

The SLOC Productivity provides information on load status, lift height (via barometric pressure), motion profile, shocks and location (via BLE beacons).

SLOC Smart Wheel

The SLOC Smart Wheel measures values such as speed, direction of motion, distance traveled, wheel revolutions, shocks, location (via relative and BLE beacons) and driving behavior (acceleration, deceleration).

Smart Products for Logistics

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