• Full transparency (about fill levels, fill level development, critical collection islands)
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Route-optimized navigation system for the driver
  • Emptying as required

Efficient waste management

Transparent, dynamic, needs-based

Our solution offers you full transparency of fill levels, their development and critical collection islands. Thanks to our dynamic route planning, your routes are calculated according to demand based on the fill levels of the containers. The route is provided to the driver in a navigation system, saving time and costs.

The SLOC solution

Functions of the SLOC Waste Collection

Mobile Order Management

Route guidance and documentation for the driver

Dynamic route planning

AI-based tour planning based on current fill levels or fill level forecasts


Overview of container warnings, key indicators


Management of the collection region

Restrictions, accessibility

Vehicle management

Collection vehicles per waste collection partner and their configuration (e.g. payload, operating times)

Container evaluation

Detailed management, information and filter options for the smart containers

Your benefit

With the SLOC Smart Collection software, the benefits go far beyond optimizing routes and costs. By avoiding inefficient empty truck runs, it helps to reduce CO2 emissions, noise and traffic congestion, which not only benefits the environment but also improves the quality of life in urban areas. In addition, precise planning ensures that bins are not overfilled, resulting in cleaner collection islands, a more appealing cityscape and increased customer satisfaction.

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