Do you have absolute transparency about your logistical processes? With our smart devices you can increase the productivity of your forklift fleet or track containers and other assets without much effort and thus optimize your processes.

Waste Management

You would like to realize efficiency increases of up to 30% and more in the disposal of your recyclable material containers? We support you with our Smart-Waste product suite, especially developed for the waste management industry.


You want to prevent machine breakdowns and avoid a standstill of your production chain? With our high-tech devices, relevant information from machines, such as vibrations and temperature, can be monitored in order to react quickly in case of deviations.

Your individual Use-Case

You know your application and are looking for the optimal device?
Benefit from our modular system and start your use case with a short lead time and without a high initial investment thanks to our Information-as-a-Service price model.


An expereienced team that
support you professionally.


The latest technology
for your applications.


Plug & Play products, which provide
the required information on time.