The Advantages of Asset Monitoring

With SLOC container tracking for logistics, you can permanently monitor your containers. This gives you constant transparency over your assets such as thermal containers, window racks, mesh boxes and other load carriers. The information provided creates clarity across the entire supply chain, enabling you to react quickly in the event of damage, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Reduce damage with Container Tracking

Due to lack of information and transparency, damage to goods and containers often occurs. With SLOC Container Tracking, you receive information on location, movement patterns, temperature, humidity, light as well as lid openings and position. Thanks to the integrated damage detection and theft warning of the smart container, damages in logistics are avoided.

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Problems in Logistics

Problems in the Supply Chain
  • Lack of transparency in the transport of the containers/goods (containers, thermal containers, mesh boxes, load carriers).
  • No information about the condition of the container/goods
  • Lack of localization and identification of the resources
  • Theft and damage of the assets
  • No possibility of process optimization


The problem solution for logistics process optimization

SLOC Load Carrier

The SLOC Load Carrier provides information on location (via GNSS/GPS, radio cell location, BLE), temperature, humidity (incl. limit ranges), light intensity (lux), lid opening and position, and shocks.

SLOC Tracker

The SLOC Tracker can measure values of the container such as motion logic, temperature, outdoor and indoor location (via GNSS/GPS, radio cell location, WiFi and BLE), geofencing (incl. warning function) as well as shocks.


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