• Location tracking
  • User-friendly display
  • Battery level monitoring
  • More transparency about the location of assets
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

Maximum transparency

Real-time monitoring, analyses, optimization

With the help of our "SLOC Geo Analytics" software tool, you always have the latest position of your containers and assets in view. The current locations are visualized on a map and displayed in a list including other helpful information such as battery status. This gives you full transparency of all your assets at all times.

The SLOC solution

Functions of the SLOC Geo Analytics


Information on coordinates, address, date of last location

Battery level monitoring

Overview of the current battery level of the devices

Visualization on a map

Overview of the current locations of the assets

Filtering functions

by company, group, geozone and location

Your benefit

Our solution offers you precise control over the location and security of your valuable assets. We support you in automating your operational processes, preventing theft and maximizing the transparency of your assets. It is also possible to connect ERP systems for the authorization process. Contact us for more information about SLOC Geo Analytics.

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