Your benefit: A fast reaction in case of deviations of your machines

With the use of SLOC IoT Devices for industry, you can avoid errors, failures and cost-intensive downtimes of your plants thanks to predictive maintenance. With the integrated early warning system, you receive alerts in the event of deviations in the control state, such as overheating or excessive vibration. At the same time, you can monitor your machines to increase the efficiency and productivity of your plants and minimize costs.


Permanent Monitoring and Early Warnings

SLOC smart devices for industry measure the temperature during transport and storage of sensitive goods such as batteries, food or pharmaceutical products. Monitoring takes place throughout the delivery process to detect deviations, take immediate action and thus avoid quality losses or safety risks. Electronic recording and analysis of the data can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Problems in the Industry

Problems with Machines
  • Standstill of the production chain
  • Lack of information on machines
  • No quick reaction in case of deviations
  • No overview of machines
  • Errors, failures


The Solution

SLOC Temperatur Tracking

SLOC Temperature Tracking can measure temperature, fire alarms, lid openings and position, location, and shocks.

SLOC Condition Monitoring

SLOC Condition Monitoring measures values such as shocks and vibrations, temperature, air pressure, humidity and motion.

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