• Forecasting fill levels
  • Less hardware
  • Lower investment costs
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint

Efficient use of resources thanks to precise fill level forecasts

Minimum sensor requirement, maximum savings

Our fill level forecasting uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict future fill levels based on environmental and historical data. This intelligent technology enables you to use resources more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.

The SLOC solution

Functions of SLOC Fill Level Forecast

Forecast models

Simple representation

Real-time monitoring

the fill levels of your containers

Early-warning system

In case of deviations


for a user-friendly presentation

Vehicle management

Collection vehicles per waste collection partner and their configuration (e.g. payload, operating times)

Container evaluation

Detailed management, information and filter options for the smart containers

Your benefit

With our precise forecasts, you can better plan and optimize your operations. Avoid overcrowding, reduce empty runs and increase the efficiency of your resource utilization. We support you in developing data-driven, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Contact us to find out more about SLOC fill level forecasting.

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