SLOC Productivity

Works with

Easy Integration

  • Quick mounting on the fork
  • No cables
  • Easy integration into your systems

Optimized for industrial use

  • Resists extreme circumstances
  • Dust-tight and jet water protected (IP67)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long battery lifetime

Your Advantage

  • SLOC Business Intelligence for analyses at the push of a button
  • Comprehensive analyses of the vehicle
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Increase of the operational safety

Information for your vehicle

Loading condition

Loaded / Unloaded

Motion profile

Stands / Drives


via BLE Beacons

Lifting height

via barometric pressure (no cabling)


Identification of accidents

Examples of use

The SLOC Productivity can be used with the following vehicles ...


(Electric) Pallet Truck

Reach Trucks

Other Industrial Trucks

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SLOC Tracker

The SLOC tracker can be mounted on a wide variety of assets and determines position, temperature, shocks and movement patterns.


SLOC Load Carrier

The intelligent container / load carrier - it provides a variety of information (fill level, current position, temperature, etc.) and thus supports the optimization of the logistics process.