• Visualization of fill levels
  • Planning of tours
  • Historical data storage
  • Geographical representation
  • Analysis of containers & collection points

Optimized route planning and container management

Cost savings and time savings

We visualize the fill levels of all your bins on a map and in a clear list. You can see at a glance in the browser or app which bins are full and which still have capacity. The result: you can plan your tours so that only full bins are emptied. You can also analyze your collection points and increase or minimize the number of bins depending on how full they are.

The SLOC solution

Functions of SLOC Fill Level Analytics


Visualization of fill levels on a map and list

App for the driver

Visualization of the fill levels in a list

Filter option according to fill level

e.g. only all containers >70% fill level

Display of the current battery level

Overview of the current battery level of the devices

Your benefit

Our solution helps to reduce your operating costs as you can optimize your operational processes and avoid unnecessary journeys and use of resources. At the same time, you contribute to sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Contact us and find out more about SLOC Fill Level Analytics.

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