• Productivity analysis
  • Utilization at a glance
  • Overview of the entire fleet
  • Derivation of optimization potential

Increase the productivity of your fleet

More transparency, lower costs

Our forklift analytics solution supports you in evaluating data and optimizing your entire forklift fleet. We enable you to understand the performance of your fleet down to the smallest detail and optimize processes for better efficiency.

The SLOC solution

Functions of the SLOC Forklift Analytics


Visualization of all forklifts

Productivity analysis

by analyzing data such as movements, loads and lifting height

Driving orders

List of all driving orders

Accidents / Shocks

Overview of accidents and shocks

Your benefit

By improving productivity and optimizing your fleet, you can achieve considerable cost savings. Unnecessary vehicles and resources are a thing of the past. But it can also prevent over-utilized fleets and bottlenecks. Contact us to find out more about SLOC Forklift Analytics.

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