Your benefit: Optimal utilization of the forklift fleet

With SLOC Tracking for industrial trucks, you increase safety in the warehouse and your processes become more transparent. Thanks to a productivity analysis and the exact indoor position, your forklift fleet is optimally utilized. In addition, extensive data analyses can be carried out for each vehicle. Thus you achieve an optimization potential of up to 30 percent. SLOC as your reliable partner supports you!


The digital forklift for optimizing your intralogistics

Due to a lack of key figures on the use of the forklift fleet and the high complexity of tools, costly processes arise in the warehouse. In addition, up to now only cost-intensive hardware has been available, which is associated with a great deal of effort during installation. With SLOC's forklift monitoring you get information about loading status, movement profile, location, lift height and shock of the forklift fleet.

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Problems in Intralogistics

Problems in Forklift Tracking
  • Lack of transparency in the utilization of the forklift fleet
  • Cost-intensive hardware with high installation effort
  • No simple tools to increase efficiency
  • Lack of metrics on fleet utilization (length of downtime, daily routes)
  • Errors, accidents


The Solution

SLOC Productivity

The SLOC Productivity provides information on load status, lift height (via barometric pressure), motion profile, shocks and location (via BLE beacons).

SLOC Smart Wheel

The SLOC Smart Wheel measures values such as speed, direction of motion, distance traveled, wheel revolutions, shocks, location (via relative and BLE beacons) and driving behavior (acceleration, deceleration).

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