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Digital waste disposal is undergoing a revolution through the use of IoT sensors. These smart sensors are able to continuously collect data on the fill level of waste garbage cans, waste compactors and recycling facilities. In waste logistics, we are particularly addressing the challenge that public waste garbage cans such as used glass, used clothing and underfloor bins are emptied too infrequently or too often due to inefficient trips.

Efficient waste disposal in industry

The logistical processes of waste emptying can also be optimized in industry. In manufacturing companies where internal emptying is carried out in-house, routes can be optimized, saving time and costs. If emptying is carried out by external service providers, emptying can be triggered on the basis of the measured fill levels without any further intermediate steps (e.g. telephone, e-mail).
In addition to cost savings, they also help to increase environmental sustainability and minimize the ecological footprint. In the industrial environment, additional information about temperature and the possibility of a fire warning can also be helpful to increase safety.

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Problems in waste management

Disposal problems:
  • Inefficient emptying routes
  • Up to 40% unnecessary emptying
  • Overfilled bins and unclean cityscape
  • Additional trips
  • Increased CO2 emissions and high costs
  • Lack of transparency in the collection process and in relation to complaints
  • High dependency of drivers, lack of personnel, overtime for new drivers
  • Manual effort for triggering emptying


The smart solution for waste disposal

SLOC Waste Bin

The SLOC Waste Bin measures the fill level and determines other helpful information such as lid opening and position, movement, temperature and location. Fire warnings are also possible.

SLOC Waste Collection

The SLOC Waste Collection offers a combination of portal and app. The portal creates a dynamic route planning and the app serves the driver for navigation and documentation of the tour.

SLOC Prognoseplanung

SLOC forecasting is a combination of physical and virtual sensors with less investment costs for hardware. The fill level is calculated by an AI, which includes fill levels from physical sensors as well as external data in the calculation.

Your individual solution

Depending on your requirements, the optimum configuration level is selected from physical and virtual sensors. In this respect, the investment volume is also adapted to your requirements, giving you a simple and transparent view of the economic efficiency. It is a learning, continuously improving system, whereby an upgrade to the next higher level is possible at any time.

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