• Location tracking
  • Theft warning
  • Notifications when entering geozones
  • More transparency about the current location of assets
  • Automatic inventory
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

Targeted monitoring and theft protection

Transparency and increased efficiency

With the help of SLOC Geozones, you can independently define zones and areas that you want to monitor specifically. This continuous monitoring enables you to act proactively by automatically triggering and automating processes. The theft warning ensures a rapid response to unauthorized movements and thus contributes significantly to the prevention of theft.

The SLOC solution

Functions of SLOC Geozones


Overview of the locations of the assets

Entry and exit detection

Detection of entry and exit of previously defined zones


Automatic inventory of assets based on geozones

Connection to ERP systems

e.g. for inventory or authorization of a movement based on an order

Your benefit

We offer you the possibility of precise control over the location and condition of your valuable assets. Our solution supports you in the efficient control and automation of processes, saving you time and resources. Protect your assets and optimize your operations at the same time with our reliable geozone and theft detection. Contact us for more information about SLOC Geozones.

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