SLOC is the new and innovative technology for your Industry 4.0 and Industrial-IoT projects. Our smart devices combine sensor technology, connectivity and energy efficiency with unique onboard algorithms and provide the desired information as a service directly to your IT-system. Thereby SLOC supports you optimally in process optimization, automation and maximization of your productivity.



Easy & fast

SLOC can be tested directly in your use case with minimal effort: no time-consuming search for sensors, no risky upfront investment, no complex IT integration.

Compact & flexible

SLOC combines state-of-the-art sensor technology with onboard intelligence – in the smallest of spaces. With our app you can configure our device according to the requirements of your use case.

Targeted for I4.0 & IIoT

SLOC is designed for permanent industrial use in harsh environments and enables your company to be prepared for the challenges of industry 4.0.

Communication genius

SLOC communicates bidirectionally in all ways (NB-IOT, BLE, WIFI, GSM) with other SLOC sensors, smart devices and any IT systems (ERP-System, IoT-Suite, … ).

No overhead

SLOC avoids extensive data transfer through onboard analytics and makes information available where it is needed.

Information as a Service

With our innovative service model, you pay for the desired information, always matched to your individual use case.


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Waste management


Your individual Use Case


Much more than „just“ a tag

SLOC combines a multitude of sensors with computing power and data storage, manufacturer-independent.

Onboard intelligence

SLOC avoids a flood of raw data through data analytics and smart algorithms.

Ultra low power

SLOC combines highest energy efficiency with smart and patented energy harvesting.

Over The Air

SLOC allows software updates and configuration adjustments to be made easily “over the air”.

OEM capability

SLOC integrates perfectly into your processes and thereby supports your data logistics in the background.

Gefördert durch Seedfinancing des BMDW bzw. des BMVIT abgewickelt durch die aws


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